DEADBOTS: Girl On Fire (EP)

So, totally missed this back in last August/early September when it was released. It’s pretty kickass electro with several awesome remixes to boot.

DEADBOTS - Girl On Fire EP

Female vocals. Sweet synth basslines with big beats. What’s not to like?

Official EP page

Track list:

  1. My Guitar (Tom Deluxx Remix)
  2. Girl On Fire (T.Raumschmiere Remix)
  3. My Guitar
  4. My Guitar (Baxen Remix)
  5. Girl On Fire
  6. My Guitar (Hoaxx Remix)
  7. My Guitar (Sharam Jey Remix)
  8. My Guitar (Alec Empire Remix)
  9. My Guitar (Sharam Jey Instrumental Remix)