Yelle: Safari Disco Club

Yelle’s brand new album was released yesterday in France and it showed up in my electronic internet space web mail box this morning. Most of the USA has to wait until the 29th for whatever reasons. Whoever makes those silly decisions, do they not realize we live in a digital world?

Yelle - Safari Disco Club

Anyway, Yelle is up to her usual antics here on her sophomore LP. These antics include singing in her cute funky way, being very poppy, and serving up some super sharp electronic melodies. The entire album, I am happy to report, has no low points. Whoa, hold the presses (read: internet tubes). I know that sounds like a dubious claim. I couldn’t believe it either. Somehow the album goes from peak to peak with not a single throwaway track. Don’t ask me how. La r├ęponse est la science.

I can only imagine how much more enjoyable it must be to fully comprehend the lyrics. Regardless, to me the particularly stand-out tracks so far are Comme un enfant, Chimie Physique, Mon Pays, Unillusion, and S’eteint Le Soleil. Especially after that 2 minute 15 second mark in Unillusion.... oh my goawradfealertnmwenczosxidf...

Do I speak any French? Certainement pas. Is this an excellent album? Oui.

Official Website

Official Facebook Page

Track list:

  1. Safari Disco Club
  2. Que Veux-Tu
  3. C’est Pas Une Vie
  4. Comme Un Enfant
  5. Chimie Physique
  6. La Musique
  7. Mon Pays
  8. J’ai Bu
  9. Le Grand Saut
  10. Unillusion
  11. S'├ęteint Le Soleil