Bibio: Mind Bokeh

The latest album from Bibio came out around a month ago or so and it is truly Jawesome™. I've been rocking out to it for several weeks now and kept meaning to post about it. So here we are!

Bibio - Mind Bokeh cover

The entire album is excellent however the major stand-out tracks for me are Wake Up!, Take Off Your Shirt, and K Is for Kelson. I recommend you give it a listen and enjoy.

Track list:

  1. Excuses
  2. Pretentious
  3. Anything New
  4. Wake Up!
  5. Light Seep
  6. Take Off Your Shirt
  7. Artists' Valley
  8. K Is for Kelson
  9. Mind Bokeh
  10. More Excuses
  11. Feminine Eye
  12. Saint Christopher