How’s it hanging?

Taragana Pyjarama: Taragana Pyjarama (EP)

Organic. Lush. Solemn. Playful. Welcome to the debut EP from Taragana Pyjarama, a pseudonym of Danish producer Nick Ericksen. The album art might lean towards the realm of bizarre but the music is truly excellent. In particular, the track Sundanese Blonde is quite the stand-out. After a minute of metallic clanking build-up an absolutely brilliant beat and melody rises out of nowhere. The remaining tracks don’t ever quite reach the same level of perfection but are none-the-less very good, remixes included. Exceptional stuff, definitely give it a listen.

Taragana Pyjarama - Taragana Pyjarama EP

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Track list:

  1. Sundanese Blonde
  2. Girls
  3. Ocean
  4. Girls (Ricardo Tobar Remix)
  5. Ocean (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)