YACHT: Shangri-La

This Portland duo broke into the indie-music mainstream in 2009 with See Mystery Lights, a set of brainy electro-funk songs inspired in part by the unexplained illuminations observable after dark over Marfa, TX.

YACHT - Shangri-La cover

YACHT are here to impress. The album begins with possibly the two most awesome tracks they’ve crafted to date: Utopia and Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire).The song Holy Roller picks things up again mid-way through with an infectious melody and chorus and the album closes with the catchy sing-along Shangri-La. Overall an excellent album.

Check out the video for the first and second tracks combined:

Official website which is pretty cool because on every page load it fades in a new background color.

Track list:

  1. Utopia
  2. Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)
  3. I Walked Alone
  4. Love in the Dark
  5. One Step
  6. Holy Roller
  7. Beam Me Up
  8. Paradise Engineering
  9. Tripped and Fell in Love
  10. Shangri-La