Kimbra: Vows

I actually have quite a few albums queued up for posting but have been awfully short on time. Plus, I’m in the midst of totally redesigning this site. You know how it is…

Anyway, this album, the debut from New Zealand born Kimbra, is way too good not to post. Only released in New Zealand and Australia so far, I refuse to let such silly things as “geographic boundaries” prevent enjoyment of great music.

Kimbra - Vows cover

The album revolves loosely around the genres of soul, jazz, and electronic pop. Her voice is one of the most compelling, enchanting, and interesting I’ve heard in quite some time. Most excellent music. Must listen.

Kimbra facebook page

Track list:

  1. Settle Down
  2. Cameo Lover
  3. Two Way Street
  4. Old Flame
  5. Good Intent
  6. Plain Gold Ring
  7. Call Me
  8. Limbo
  9. Wandering Limbs
  10. Withdraw
  11. The Build Up