Miike Snow: Happy to You

Three years ago I found myself utterly addicted to Miike Snow. I now have the good fortune to become a junkie once more.

Miike Snow - Happy to You cover

If you like exceptional production, super catchy choruses, a large brass section, hammering piano, and vibrant electronics thrown in for good measure, then this album is your one way ticket to good ear times. My only complaint? At forty minutes and thirty two seconds it’s a little short.

Don’t forget to checkout the not-to-be-missed “short film” music video series: Devil’s Work, Paddling Out, and The Wave. It has something to do with creating the “perfect human,” who’s name happens to be Jean Noel. It’s so bizarre and hilarious I can’t help but dig it.

Miike Snow website

Track list:

  1. Enter the Joker’s Lair
  2. The Wave
  3. Devil’s Work
  4. Vase
  5. God Help This Divorce
  6. Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)
  7. Pretender
  8. Archipelago
  9. Black Tin Box (feat. Lykke Li)
  10. Paddling Out