Metric: Synthetica

Three years since their last long player, Metric have been at work crafting their fifth masterpiece. Well, maybe not masterpiece, but it’s really good.

Metric - Synthetica cover

Did you know Lou Reed is featured on the track The Wanderlust? That’s pretty weird. Anyhow, it is an excellent album you should definitely give at least one listen. Most amazing track? The Void, which you won’t be able to take off repeat.

Music video for Youth Without Youth:

Metric website

Track list:

  1. Artificial Nocturne
  2. Youth Without Youth
  3. Speed the Collapse
  4. Breathing Underwater
  5. Dreams So Real
  6. Lost Kitten
  7. The Void
  8. Synthetica
  9. Clone
  10. The Wanderlust
  11. Nothing But Time