Memory Tapes: Player Piano

It seems like just yesterday I was listening to Memory Tapes’ debut album, Seek Magic, and being blown away. To my surprise last month a follow-up album appeared.

Memory Tapes - Player Piano

While not immediately as addictive as his previous foray into dreampop soundscapes, Player Piano is quite good. There are more vocals, the songs are shorter and more focused. The melodies are slightly more repetitive. The in-home studio sound and aural bursts of color and imagination are all here. The subtly inventive sonic tinkering begs you to listen many times over.

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Track list:

  1. Musicbox(in)
  2. Wait in the Dark
  3. Today Is Our Life
  4. Yes I Know
  5. Offers
  6. Humming
  7. Sunhits
  8. Worries
  9. Fell Thru Ice
  10. Fell Thru Ice II
  11. Trance Sisters
  12. Musicbox(out)