Metronomy: The English Riviera

Named after the musical term for the measurement of time by an instrument, Metronomy are the dance-meets-rock project of London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joseph Mount.

Wholly English, this vaudevillian dance-rock album hits all over the place. Seemingly inspired by 60’s era rock, California beaches, early nineties electronica, old-fashioned waltzes, and funky/jazzy lounge music, The English Riviera captures the idea of Summer vacation in a new way.

Metronomy - The English Riviera cover

Check out the jawesome song and video The Bay:

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Track list:

  1. The English Riviera
  2. We Broke Free
  3. Everything Goes My Way
  4. The Look
  5. She Wants
  6. Trouble
  7. The Bay
  8. Loving Arm
  9. Corinne
  10. Some Written
  11. Love Underlined