The Rapture: In the Grace of Your Love

Up until now I’ve been in like with The Rapture. Not love, but like. I’ve always thought they were good, I liked several tracks from Echoes and I enjoyed two or three tracks from Pieces of the People We Love. A bit unfocused and unbalanced for my taste but the melodies were there in the background.

This album totally flips the switch from like to love. Deeper, darker, catchier, and all around more introspective, In the Grace of Your Love truly clicks together everything these guys have been working towards. If you don’t feel anything just prior to the 4 minute mark of How Deep is Your Love? when the saxophone kicks in, well, I’m afraid you might be a plate of frozen lasagna. This raises several interesting questions regarding how you’re reading this right now, but I’m not in the mood to philosophize. I’m in the mood to dance and, oh, look, the DJ just put my song on (hint: it’s by The Rapture).

The Rapture - In the Grace of Your Love cover

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Track list:

  1. Sail Away
  2. Miss You
  3. Blue Bird
  4. Come Back To Me
  5. In The Grace Of Your Love
  6. Never Die Again
  7. Roller Coaster
  8. Children
  9. Can You Find A Way?
  10. How Deep Is Your Love?
  11. It Takes Time To Be A Man