Bear in Heaven: I Love You, It’s Cool

Bear in Heaven first captured my full attention with their debut album 2 years ago. Now they’ve topped it.

Bear in Heaven - I Love Your, It’s Cool cover

Officially not due out until April 3rd, this sophomore album crossed my desk late last week and it’s been keeping me mighty fine company throughout the weekend. Super highly recommend. This is subtlety dancey experimental electronic dream rock at its best.

I have nothing left to prove.

Check out the trippy video for The Reflection of You:

One of the YouTube comments I noticed is actually quite the adequate summary:

Bear in Heaven website

Track list:

  1. Idle Heart
  2. The Reflection of You
  3. Noon Moon
  4. Sinful Nature
  5. Cool Light
  6. Kiss Me Crazy
  7. World of Freakout
  8. Warm Water
  9. Space Remains
  10. Sweetness & Sickness