Purity Ring: Shrines

Purity Ring - Shrines cover

The debut album from Montreal based glitch pop duo Purity Ring won’t officially be out for another month, but I happen to have the good pleasure of previewing it. Definitely unique, quite melodic (Ungirthed), some bizarre lyrics (Belispeak), catchy rhythms (Odebear), and a pure voice (Shuck). All around excellent.

Check out the pseudo-nightmarish video for Belispeak:

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Track list:

  1. Crawlersout
  2. Fineshrine
  3. Ungirthed
  4. Amenamy
  5. Grandloves
  6. Cartographist
  7. Belispeak
  8. Saltkin
  9. Obedear
  10. Lofticries
  11. Shuck