Artwork: Crystal Cat

July 30th, 2009 – After watching the music video for “Crystal Cat” by Dan Deacan I was inspired to recreate one of the images from the video. I took a screenshot of the low quality video from youtube and used it as a reference to create my own hi resolution vector. Almost exactly one year later, on July 28th 2010, I spent some time extensively googling and located the original artwork that was used in the music video as well as the artist who created it so that I could add credit here. In comparing the original with mine I realized the video must have used a mirrored version of the cat and that I added my own tail since it had been cropped off by the screenshot.

Original cat artwork by: Dina Kelberman
Original Crystal Cat on Flickr
As of 2013, apparently the original artwork has been taken down. :(

Crystal Cat

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